A Simple Baseline for Fast Loading Accessible Websites

Websites have reached a point where the maturity of graphic design has caught up with the state of web development. But what about accessibility? As the web keeps getting prettier to look at, it also keeps getting heavier and slower to load. Page speed is a limitation that influences creativity and impacts accessibility, but unfortunately it is also a behind the scenes act that usually gets overlooked.

INBOUND 2016 – A Designer's Perspective with a Roundup of Tools

It’s difficult for some folks to see the value in a designer attending a marketing conference such as INBOUND 2016, but anyone with a decent understanding of design knows that with context, you create better work. The best designs were not put together by a designer working in isolation, the best designs were put together by a designer that was aware of the material and concept at hand with an understanding that went beyond the surface level.

SmashingConf Barcelona 2016 Day 2 Notes

First day was a blast. Learned a ton of new stuff that I wasn’t privy to before (and able to use in production). I’m surprised to say that the second day has been even better. Again, just a disclaimer that these notes weren’t edited and they were added just as they were jotted down. Enjoy!

SmashingConf Barcelona 2016 Day 1 Notes

I’ve made it all the way out to Barcelona for my second SmashingConf. I’ve attended plenty of conferences in the states but I wanted to learn something new in regards to both culture and web design. Needless to say, the first day at SmashingConf and my second day in Barcelona did not fall short of expectations.

Why I've started writing

Why not? I spend most of my days trying to figure out design; whether I’m working with a junior designer trying to teach him/her a certain web design concept or I’m figuring out a stubborn front-end development bug, documentation on what I come across on a daily basis could be of good use to other designers in my field of work.