Some of my recent work while I was heading up design at Don't mind my appearance as I make daily progress on each case.

Reinventing ROI Reporting for

Increased new customer acquisition by 108% for by transforming how the organization reports ROI to suppliers.

  • Product Design Lead
  • Data Visualization
  • Stakeholder Management

Proposing a COVID-19 Response System

Proposed and designed a COVID-19 Response System which connected manufacturers of PPE with front-line organizations; recommended by Congress as a critical resource to the Manufacturing Caucus (second to FEMA).

  • Product Design Lead
  • Network Effect
  • Front-End Development


Led the redesign of over the course of three months and incrementally transformed the core experience with 300+ A/B tests over the span of four years.

  • Design Leadership
  • Platform Design
  • Design Systems
  • Front-End Development

While you're here, I'm currently in the market for a design leadership gig. If you're interested in working together, hit me up, or feel free to share my resume.