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Why not? I spend most of my days trying to figure out design; whether I’m working with a junior designer trying to teach him/her a certain web design concept or I’m figuring out a stubborn front-end development bug, documentation on what I come across on a daily basis could be of good use to other designers in my field of work.

What to expect

There are three areas of web design in which I mostly focus on:

UI Design

Having designed over 100 websites over the past 6 years and lead a team of 4 designers over the past 3 years, this is an area where my experience stands out. Websites being beautiful is just as important as being functional.

Front-End Web Development

I’ve been coding website’s together since the age of 14; I love this. Being able to put my design brush aside and put on my analytical hat on is one of the parts that I love most about my field. I’m able to bridge that ambiguous gap between design and development from the perspective of both.

UX Design & Testing

Over the past year, I’ve spearheaded a sub-division of my agency that’s focused data driven website design and continuous improvement. I’ve been doing crazy, non-stop, A/B testing of all of my design patterns over a wide range of clients. Needless to say, some of the results I’ve come across have been pretty eye opening in terms of what the status quo is.

Design & Development Team Management

I run a team of 4 designers and 4 developers for an agency in New York City; one which I’ve put together from scratch. The rollercoaster has been breath taking, but the experience has been priceless. I’ll be touching on topics such as hiring, time management, process, & creativity among many others.

Giving back

Since early college I remember coming across website’s like Smashing Magazine & A List Apart and to those blogs, among the dozens of others, I give thanks; thanks for my career and the career of thousands of other designers & developers. It’s because of generous designers like Jeffrey Zeldman & Vitaly Friedman that we are where we are today. I am now returning the favor to the design community.

Julian Gaviria

I'm Julian, a product design leader and developer with a habit for experimenting (I did some cool stuff at I mostly write about what I'm working on related to product design, front-end development, and experimentation.

While you're here, I'm currently in the market for a design leadership gig. If you're interested in working together, hit me up, or feel free to share my resume.

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